Product warranty policy

In the event that the product is damaged, you can request a replacement within 1 week after receiving the product. With the terms of the warranty and the following procedures

  1. Returned products are products that are damaged, broken, damaged, from the production, packaging, delivery, or from the wrong or unordered product or ordered on the website.
  2. Report problems via phone, Line, Facebook or email us via the website details.
  3. Return the product to Bruno Coffee No. 112, Moo 10, Wichet Nakhon Subdistrict, Chae Hom District, Lampang Province 52120
  4. The factory will inspect the product, change the new product to the same product and deliver it to you within one week after receiving the returned product.

The company reserves the right to not return products in the following cases

1. Products that do not match the customer’s personal taste
2. Damage caused by errors from use of customers

Please note:

Laudato Si Social Enterprise respects and adheres to the rights of consumers and is ready to act to ensure the accuracy, equality, transparency, and transparency in every product and every step of the service. We will do our utmost in the scope of duties and responsibilities that we can perform. To resolve / compensate in order to stop the dispute, but ultimately, Laudato Si Social Enterprise reserves the complete right to cancel the order and return all products and services to customers in order to resolve disputes / conflicts we reserve the right to modify / update / correct conditions of this product return policy without notice.