About us

Laudato Si Social Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Social Center Mary Queen of Peace: for over twenty years we have worked with villagers and hill tribes people in Chae-Hom District, Lampang Province, to promote and improve the lifestyle of these families focusing on their well-being, health and education. We buy fresh coffee beans from the villagers at a fair price and produce quality Bruno coffee that we then sell at a reasonable price to coffee lovers. Our goal is to generate revenue to sustain our mission of providing education to foster students. To date, Bruno Coffee has helped and sponsored more than 1,000 children, including 200 who are are boarding students in our center.

Bruno coffee has achieved great product success. In October 2014 it competed with over 149 participants from all over the world in The International Coffee Tasting 2014 (IIAC) in Italy and won the gold medal, creating a reputation for coffee in Lampang and Thailand.